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Sofitel Legend Hotel Casco Viejo

The original Club Union was constructed in 1917. It was the private club of Panama's aristocracy. Panama's Carnaval traditions originated within the club with the election of an annual Queen.


Famous guests of the club included Charles Lindbergh, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Panama was the first country the Queen visited following her coronation. In 2009, the James Bond movie was filmed within the ruins of the building.


Due to structural integrity, the ruins had to be completely demolished other than the facade of the building. The remaining new construction needed to replicate the original architecture. Since the social history of the club revolved around the outdoor patio with the large medallion in the floor, which no longer existed, I proposed the medallion design be used for the hotel logo.


The lobby is an homage to Canal history with a map mural and striking nautical sculptures. The main lobby leads to a lobby bar, the entrance to the restaurant and an outdoor plaza that faces the Pacific, landscaped with  tropical foliage.  


There are 158 guestrooms.


Photos still to come in the next few months.


Coffee Shop


Ballroom Terrace

Juice Bar


Rooftop Restaurant

Private Club

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